Copenhagen stalls – Obama meets in secret with world leaders

An ill-tempered President Barack Obama in a desperate attempt to breath new life into the Copenhagen treaty said that global warming was “not fiction”.  President Obama has blatantly ignored the authority of the Congress and the opinions of the American people.  He is hell-bent on furthering the new world order regardless of what anyone thinks.

Obama restated his plan to cut CO2 emissions by 80 percent by 2050 and proposed a global tax on financial transactions and a GDP tax.  If inacted, the president plans to commit the United States to 100 billion dollars to go to climate financing by 2020.  If the world government agenda is pushed forward it will plunge the economy into another great depression.  See link:

During the speech Obama said that the Copenhagen confernce “hangs in the balance”.  Hooray!  In order to keep the public out of the fold Obama is meeting with world leaders in secret.  The AP reports:

President Barack Obama and world leaders are holding another impromptu meeting in search of a climate deal.  Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs said Friday that Obama was meeting behind closed doors with the leaders of Australia, the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Japan. Also participating in the talks were developing countries.

I think that anyone with a free-thinking mind can see that Barack Obama is not the president that the American people thought that we were getting.


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