Incompetent nature of Bush continues – 22 million missing emails found

The incompetent nature of the Bush administration even after the fact continues to boggle the mind and confound the understanding.  Due to the failure of the Bush White House to install an electronic record keeping system technicians have recovered some 22 million lost emails. 

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington and the National Security archive filed a lawsuit against the Executive Office of the President in 2007.  The earliest timetable for the public to view any of the emails will not be until 2014.  It comes as no surprise of that since some of the records that the American people have more than a right to see are kept secret – sometimes under the excuse of national security.

It should be an interesting thing to point out that since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, only four videos of the Pentagon impact have been released, and none of them show an American Airlines jet penetrating the building.

Former White House spokesman Scott Stanzel has said that any misleading leading statements are “a continued anti-Bush agenda, nearly a year after a new president was sworn in.”  Misleading?  I believe that it was the Bush administration that made a lot of misleading statements.  Where are the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq?  Oh, yeah, they were moved before we got there.  Stanzel said in a statement:

The liberal groups CREW and National Security Archive litigated for sport, distort the facts and have consistently tried to create a spooky conspiracy out of standard IT issues.

Am I the only one getting tired of the liberal/conservative labeling going on in this country?  Anne Weisman, chief counsel for CREW said the emails “would never have been found but for our lawsuits and pressure from Capitol Hill.”  She further added:

It was only then that they did this reanalysis and found as a result that there were 22 million e-mails that they were unable to account for before.

I couldn’t agree more.  Secrecy was the Bush administration’s M.O.  According to Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-VT) this is just another example of the dismissive nature of the Bush White House.  He added:

It was another example of the Bush administration’s reflexive resistance to congressional oversight and the public’s right to know.

Wow!  Finally, someone besides Ron Paul stands for the right of the people to know.  That’s something Bush didn’t support. Meredith Fuchs, general counsel to the National Security Archive said:

Many poor choices were made during the Bush administration and there was little concern about the availability of e-mail records despite the fact that they were contending with regular subpoenas for records and had a legal obligation to preserve their records.

Melanie Sloan, CREWS executive director added:

We may never discover the full story of what happened here.  It seems like they just didn’t want the e-mails preserved.  This gives us confirmation that the Bush administration lied when they said no e-mails were missing.

Wait a minute – lied?  But Mr. Bush, isn’t lying a sin against God and Jesus Christ, the very same God you claim to worship?  Representatives from both groups say that the data was mislabeled and effectively lost.

Anyone who was a Bush-lover or continues to be should wake up and smell the trickery.  Your knight in shining armor wasn’t a knight in shining armor afterall.  Bush has been exposed to be an enemy of the people, the Constitution, and has seriously damaged this nations moral compass. 

If you were a nurse in a hospital and you mislabeled and lost valuable material, you would be wrote-up or fired.  Any attempt to dismiss this as “human error” is just another excuse to eliminate room for debate and cover-up the truth.


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