Camp Bucca an al-Qaeda recruitment center?

In todays day of information you have to be careful what you believe.  As says – There’s a war on for your mind!  Its been man’s inherent nature to seek truth.  But what is truth?  One man speaking on anonymity said:

Why disclose truth when you can simply create it?

Military prisons across the world for those suspected of terrorism against the United States are no secret.  The following video you are about to see was filmed by Al-Jazeera.  As they point out, of the 100,000 men held at Camp Bucca without formal charges, only four percent turned to al-Qaeda.

A lot of Americans would say that they must have deserved to be in there.  But what if they didn’t?  What if they were just ordinary people?  True war is hell and war is evil, in war nothing is perfect.  But if this were done in America by the government (see both operation Garden Plot and REX-84 on Wikipedia) or an outside power, how would we react?

Watch the video and you decide.


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