Robert Gates: More sanctions to come on Iran

Posted: December 13, 2009 in News, Politics
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On Friday Defense Secretary Robert Gates confirmed that if Iran does not comply with international ultimatums about their nuclear program “significant additional sanctions” would follow.  Speaking to a group of soldiers Gates had this to say:

There are no good options in Iran,” he said, in response to a query from a soldier about the likelihood of such a development. “One of the things that weighs on me is that if we have learned anything from Iraq over the past six years, [it] is the inherent unpredictability of war.

What troubles me is that the Obama administration (the change presidency) has options on the table to target Iran’s military and political elite, however, Gates has cautioned that the sanctions could have an impact on ordinary citizens.  Sanctions do nothing to hurt another countries government, the only people to get hurt are the people.  These governments are good at labeling the sanctions as an act of a desperate antagonist.  Instead of trading, and practicing peaceful relations with other nations the United States government seems bent on continuing a policy that does not work.  Secretary of State Clinton called the sanctions “crippling”.  And crippling indeed they will be, but not to the Iranian government.

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  1. jonolan says:

    I must agree. Sanctions will not work; force must be used and without restraint, if the Civilized World is to save itself from the existential threat of a nuclear Iran.

    If Iran wants nuclear arms, let us give them the full taste of the American nuclear arsenal.

    • waylon1776 says:

      An achronym that goes along with nuclear war is M.A.D – Mutual Assured Destruction. Back during WWII it was much safer to nucke someone, because really we were the only ones to have them at the time. Why is that the United States doesn’t not want a nuclear Iran but countries like Pakistan who have ties to radical Islamic terrorism can. Pakistan is a more unstable hotspot than Iran. But then again, maybe the sanctions mentioned by the Obama administration is a ceasing of financial funding of some sort.

      War is disasterous and does absolutely nothing to improve the quality of life for the country that it is being fought in. Also, a prolonged war weakens our economy and debases our currency. We must ask the question – what would we do if someone tried to tell us we couldn’t have weapons in our houses, or our military couldn’t have weapons to defend itself. Every nation has the right to self-defense and a military of its choosing.

      • jonolan says:

        What prolonged war? Bomb them and be done with it. It’s not America’s duty to rebuild the enemy’s nation afterward.

        As to the assertion that every nation has the right to self-defense and a military of its choosing – you’re largely right, but that doesn’t apply to nuclear weapons (even the filth in the UN agree with that) or regimes such as the Muslims in Iran.

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