Sarah Palin on War

Sarah Palin praised Obama for his speech accepting the Nobel Peace Prize.  But what she also offered was a critiuqe on Obama’s war policy. 

By the way, I’d like to see President Obama follow more closely in the footsteps of George Bush and his passion for keeping the homeland safe.

Obama said change we can believe in, and so far he has offered little of that change.  Bush drug us into a war with a country that come to find out we can’t find their biological weapons.  So the war cry turned from weapons of mass destruction to – we cannot leave this country in an uproar. 

We ousted the Taliban in Afghanistan in 2002 with 10,000 soldiers.  Now we need 300,000.  Why?  The people don’t want us there and all war is doing is destroying the infrastructure of that country.  When a man can’t find a job, he joins a militia.  Osama bin Laden hasn’t been found yet and by some reports he’s dead.  A Senate report released this years says that bin Laden was in the grasp of the military, but he was let go.  Why?

When it comes to the national debate of foreign policy there is no open debate.  All it comes down to is – how many troops  should we send?  George Bush’s war has brought a destabilizing factor to our economy.  For the life of me I cannot see how a president who goes to war under international jurisdiction, ignores the constitution, and has been a proven liar to the American people can still have a halo on his head.

The same people that beat the drum of the Constitution are the same ones that beat the Sarah Palin drum.  Well, I’ve got news for you – she’s not going to follow the Constitution any closer than any other president.  George W. Bush and the GOP sunk us deeper and deeper into debt, armed our enemies, lied to the American public, and, thusly, he smells like a skunk.  And if Sarah Palin wants to hold him as an idol, she’ll smell like one too.


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