Obama plan short-term solution for long-term problem

With the highter estimated unemployment rate at about seventeen percent, America knows that jobs are in need.  But what has caused the economy to slow down?  The spending habits of the government.  Everyday the government needs to borrow more and more money from the Federal Reserve to fund its programs – then that money needs to be paid back to the Fed out of our own pockets.

The Bush administration went on a spending spree.  Wasting more money than any president in history.  And it looks as though President Obama – if elected to a second term – may pass the former.  Republicans – who tucked tail and ran behind the platform of fiscal conservatism – are being blamed for the economy.

But President Obama has said that we need to spend our way out of this problem.  More spending will create more jobs for the time being, but for how long?  Once it comes time to pay that money back, guess who is going to have to foot the bill – that’s right, you and me.  And the small business oweners who took out loans

The simple fact is, is that Obama’s plan is a short-term solution.  And it is one that I fear will be repeated time-and-time again.  After blasting the GOP for spending too much Obama has said we need to spend more to get out of this crisis.  And with bigger government and more spending he wants to create, Obama wants to reduce the deficit – and guess what that means – more taxes.

If Obama and the world power elite have their way, free markets will be completely obliterated, rights will be taken, and the tyranny of a mounting debt will continue to suffocate the land of the free.


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