NATO: ‘Iran poses threat to whole world’

Posted: December 7, 2009 in News, Politics
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It seems these days while softening the debate on foreign policy, the world power elite are doing their best to stack the books against Iran.  Let’s see – we have Israel, the EU, the UN, the US, and now it seems that NATO has joined the fray.  It wouldn’t surprise me if NATO expanded its authority clear into the Middle East.

Israel has anxieties about a nuclear Iran, and who could blame them?  But why should we go into war under an international authority when it has proven not to work.  In fact, it draws our military into more wars, it has drained and bankrupted our economy, and has caused domestic aggression to the foreigners seen as the “invaders”.

But of course, the only option left open is one that hasn’t been used at least since before WWII.

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