Romans 6: 1-14

I love the way Paul opens this chapter asking, “should we go on sinning so we can continue to receive God’s graces?  Of Course not!”  Other versions say different things, but you get the picture.  But the basic point is, is that we should not live like the world, but turn away from it.

Without copying the entire thing down, I will just give a brief overview.  What Paul is telling us in Romans 6: 1-14 is that without Christ sin has mastery over us – but should we die with Christ we will believe that we will live with him and sin shall have no hold on us.  But does Paul mean literally dying?  No.

The death Paul speaks of is dying to the world – dying from sin, and living in Christ.  Paul tells us not to let any part of our bodies fulfill our sinful desires.  But rather we should live for Christ.

This scripture, like so many others, refutes the belief that we can do what we want and still live for Christ (see 1 John 1).  But you know, the earth is the devil’s playground, and no matter how hard we train to live for Christ he has so many ways to trip us up.  It’s as one man told me – “You’ve only been around for twenty-five years; Satan’s been around at least 6,000 years – he’s got more ways to trip you up than you could ever know.”

There’s a battle for us everyday between good and evil.  There is no balancing act between following the world and Christ.  I have lived my life in and out of church.  I was raised Baptist.  But, you know, walking the straight and narrow path to the bloodstained cross of Jesus Christ is so long.


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