Department of Labor reporting a drop in unemployment rate

Reported by the Associated Press on MSN, the unemployment rate unexpectedly fell .2 percent to 10 percent.  But economists say, “not so fast America”, the respite in the sudden good news maybe short-lived as they expect the unemployment rate to continue to climb into next year.

If you cause in the part-time workers looking for full-time work and the laid off workers who just plain gave up, the unemployment rate fell to 17.2 percent from 17.5 percent.  MSN reports that since the U.S. has lost jobs for twenty-three straight months, November sends positive signs that the creation of jobs maybe on the horizon.

President Obama has said that the recession is over, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.  With the increasing taxes, bigger spending, more authority to the Federal Reserve, and lengthen wars that Obama wants to commit us to only promises a harder future for America.

MSN link:


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