The Death Penalty – The way that I see it

From the New Living Translation Numbers 35: 17 says, “Or if someone with a stone in his hand strikes and kills another person, that man is a murderer and the murderer shall be put to death.”

This verse is self explanatory.  In no way did God intend for us to take the lives of others.  In fact, God says that when you hate someone you have already committed murder.  Why?  Because God is love.  1 Corinthians tells us that God gave three things: faith hope and love, and the greatest is love. 

God tells us to love our enemies, but for us to do that on our own is impossible.  The only way to carry out that is to tap into God’s mind and his love.  Ask him to open our minds, hearts, and souls to His eyes.  Only through God and Christ can we carry out love through all humanity.  Romans 12 tells us to live in harmony with all people.

So when someone commits murder do I think that it is important to put that person to death – absolutely!  Even with someone as young as ten years old with malice forethought should be considered for the death penalty.  And I believe that someone called me a moron for it.  But it is the only way to make sure safety for all society.  At ten years a child is able to fully understand the difference between right and wrong.

This is my place and it would take a pretty stiff debate for someone to change it.  If you would like to discuss this with me in a civilized manner feel free.  If all you run is personal attacks (idiot, moron, or something else) don’t waste your time.


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