Coburn to seniors: ‘You’re going to die sooner’

“If we’re truly going to take this money from Medicare, what it’s going to do to our seniors is – I have a message for them ‘you’re going to die sooner'”.

This statement is from Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma and a fact such as this truly worries me.  I have heard a lot of horror stories about this plan – microchips, prosecution if you don’t get insurance, etc – but for the fear of seniors getting the care that they deserve is truly disturbing.

My grandfather has had cancer for seven years and if this bill passes, I fear for his life.  The fact that Americans have opposed the banker bailout, the automotive bailout, and ‘healthcare reform’ and the government still ignores us, just shows that freedom is not alive and well.  Whatever happened to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?


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