Washington Cop Killer Dead

SEATTLE – The man suspected of gunning down four police officers in a suburban coffee shop was shot and killed by a lone Seattle patrol officer investigating a stolen car early Tuesday, a sheriff’s spokesman said. Four other people were arrested for allegedly helping the suspect elude authorities during a massive two-day manhunt.

A Seattle police officer came across the stolen car in a working-class south Seattle neighborhood about 2:45 a.m., Assistant Police Chief Jim Pugel said. The officer approached the car, then detected movement behind him, recognized the suspect Maurice Clemmons and ordered him to show his hands and stop.

“He wouldn’t stop,” Pugel said. “The officer fired several rounds, took the person into custody.”

Clemmons had a serious gunshot wound from one of the four officers killed in the coffee-shop shooting. He has since died from his injuries, Pugel said. Clemmons was carrying a handgun that had belonged one of the slain officers, Pugel said.

‘Partners in crime’
Police planned to arrest more people who helped Clemmons.

“We expect to have maybe six or seven people in custody by the day’s end,” said Ed Troyer, a spokesman for the Pierce County sheriff. “Some are friends, some are acquaintances, some are partners in crime, some are relatives. Now they’re all partners in crime.”

Troyer didn’t immediately give the names of the four people already arrested on suspicion of rendering criminal assistance. On Monday, officers detained a sister of Clemmons who they think treated the suspect’s gunshot wound.

“We believe she drove him up to Seattle and bandaged him up,” Troyer said.

Authorities say Clemmons, 37, singled out the Lakewood officers and spared employees and other customers at a coffee shop Sunday morning in Parkland, a Tacoma suburb about 35 miles south of Seattle. He then fled, but not before he was apparently shot in the torso by one of the dying officers.

“I’m surprised that he managed to get away,” Troyer said. “The officer did a good job in Lakewood.”

Killed were Sgt. Mark Renninger, 39, and Officers Ronald Owens, 37, Tina Griswold, 40, and Greg Richards, 42.

A couple dozen police officers milled around at the scene where Clemmons was apparently shot, shaking hands and patting each other on the back later Tuesday morning.

Police said they aren’t sure what prompted Clemmons to shoot the officers. Clemmons was described as increasingly erratic in the past few months and had been arrested earlier this year on charges that he punched a sheriff’s deputy in the face.

Troyer told the Tacoma News-Tribune that Clemmons indicated the night before the shooting “that he was going to shoot police and watch the news.”

Police surrounded a house in a Seattle neighborhood late Sunday following a tip Clemmons had been dropped off there. After an all-night siege, a SWAT team entered the home and found it empty. But police said Clemmons had been there.

$125,000 reward
Police frantically chased leads on Monday, searching multiple spots in the Seattle and Tacoma area and at one point cordoning off a park where people thought they saw Clemmons.

Authorities found a handgun carried by the killer, along with a pickup truck belonging to the suspect with blood stains inside. They posted a $125,000 reward for information leading to Clemmons’ arrest and alerted hospitals to be on the lookout for a man seeking treatment for gunshot wounds.

Image: Slain Lakewood Police officers
Pierce County Sheriff’s Dept. via AP
Lakewood Police officers Greg Richards (top left), Mark Renninger (top right), Tina Griswold (bottom right) and Ronald Owens (bottom left) were shot and killed at a coffee shop in Parkland, Wash., on Sunday.

Authorities in two states were criticized amid revelations that Clemmons was allowed to walk the streets despite a teenage crime spree in Arkansas that landed him an 108-year prison sentence. He was released early after then-Gov. Mike Huckabee commuted his sentence.

Huckabee cited Clemmons’ youth in granting the request. But Clemmons quickly reverted to his criminal past, violated his parole and was returned to prison. He was released again in 2004.

“This guy should have never been on the street,” said Brian D. Wurts, president of the police union in Lakewood. “Our elected officials need to find out why these people are out.”

Huckabee said on Fox News Channel’s “The O’Reilly Factor” Monday night that Clemmons was allowed back on the street because prosecutors failed to file paperwork in time.

Pulaski County Prosecutor Larry Jegley, whose office opposed Clemmons’ parole in 2000 and 2004, said Huckabee’s comments were “red herrings.”

“My word to Mr. Huckabee is man up and own what you did,” Jegley said.

‘The world is going to end soon’
Clemmons was charged in Washington state earlier this year with assaulting a police officer and raping a child, and investigators in the sex case said he was motivated by visions that he was Jesus Christ and that the world was on the verge of the apocalypse.

But he was released from jail after posting bail with the assistance of Jail Sucks Bail Bonds.

Documents related to those charges indicate a volatile personality. In one instance, he is accused of gathering his wife and young relatives and forcing them to undress.

“The whole time Clemmons kept saying things like trust him, the world is going to end soon, and that he was Jesus,” a Pierce County sheriff’s report said.

On Monday, The Seattle Times reported that detectives believed Clemmons has access to several weapons, including rifles, shotguns and handguns.


13 thoughts on “Washington Cop Killer Dead

  1. Gil Weaver

    All of the articles re Clemmons refer to Ar. gov. Huckabee reducing his sentence but none mention the 2 Wash. judges who released him on very low bond for raping a 12 year old female.

  2. Bill

    Perfect. No long trial at taxpayers expense, multiple appeals, arguments and protests over capitol punnishment, and the liberal whine that they were cops and knew the risks….bull. He didn’t think twice about any of his crimes and now society is safer than it was the day before.

    To the LEO who took him out, very good, a job well done! Do not let it bother you for one full minute. You probably saved countless more lives!

  3. Bill Soller

    There is a lot more to this story! I only hope someone with the courage, money and resources will care enough about truth and justice to really dig into it from start to finish. I’m curious to know why a 17 year old boy was sentenced to over 100 years to begin with. It just seems a little extreme. I am also curious about the details of the charges he was out on bail for at the present time. Are the charges really in compliance with the actual crime commited or just maybe something to put him back in prison for the rest of his life when maybe it’s nothing more than a bunch of BS that set him off. Why did they shoot up his house? Did it shoot at them first? What if there was innocent people in the house or children when they shot it up? Does anyone really believe he had a gun from one of the dead officers when they shot him? He had his own guns so I guess he took it so they could link him to the crime. Does that make any sense? Please understand I’m not on his side, I just think there’s a lot more here than what the police would like everyone to believe. If the truth was known, I bet it sure would make a good book or movie.

    1. Sam Rackham

      Hey! I think a 17 year old is old enough to be held accountable for his actions as an adult. In fact I think the age where “juvenile offender” no longer applies should be 16. After all in all state a 16 year old is considered old enough to have a drivers license and that’s an adult privelage. Yes, once you reach the age of 16 you should be tried as an adult and if it’s a capital crime, you should be eligible for the death penalty if proven guilty beyond doubt.

      1. I agree with you. But unfortunately there are those who would see this pshycopath as a hero for killing “those arrogant cops”. I am more inclined to go with the book of Numbers where God details that any man who murders out of malice should be put to death. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to have the death penalty lowered to the age of twelve, maybe ten. If kids are old enough to learn about sex, watch porn, and this and that, then they are of age to know right and wrong and the consequences of their actions.

  4. There is a lot more to this story then is being told by the cops. Such as why were these particular cops targeted? They don’t know? I don’t buy that. He was arrested for assault on a cop, we all know how that one works don’t we? That is just the common defenses for beating up a suspect. I may be wrong but it appears to me that these may just have been the cops involved in the alleged assault. This guy was reaching for retribution on these 4 alone other wise he would have shot the patrons as well.

    Cops need to lose the God complex that almost anyone with a badge seems to possess. They are not Gods, the law or above the law, They are just supposed to enforce the laws unfortunately it goes straight to their heads. People will only put up with so much before they snap. So a word to the wise back off on the attitudes fellas. We do not have to follow your orders unless we are endangering ourselves or someone else talking or arguing is not a danger to anyone just your ego.

    1. So what if these were the cops that were involved in that assualt. And besides, who really knows what goes on in the minds of murderers. Maybe these cops weren’t involved in the assualt. Maybe the assualt put a stigma in the man’s mind that all cops are arrogant, and thusly they think that cops deserve it, much like yourself.

      These cops were doing nothing but minding their own buisness and this coward conducted a sneak attack. This guy has shown a history of being a violent, malicious human being. While I stand by every Americans Constitutional rights, this asshole deserves just what he got. Hopefully Satan is shoving a barbed wired pitch fork up his ass at this very moment.

  5. ferenc

    another negro killing white people but this is not a hate crime. way to go ameri can media, kkep the negro criminals anonymous.

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