Am I Fillmore?

In my nephew’s Cars book, Fillmore, the fun-loving, peace-loving, one with nature Volkswagen van is described as having a “problem with authority”, and “has a conspiracy theory for nearly every occasion”.

If you’ve watched the movie, Fillmore blurts out a line that parodies all conspiracy theorists, “It’s a conspiracy man!”  I can find the humor in someone who is whacked out on “organic herbs” speaking that line.  But the reality is ‘conspiracy theorists’ exist in every aspect of American society. 

I think that with over time people have come to learn to distrust the very form of government that we are told would never do anything to violate our rights or the confines of the of the Constitution.

The very truth is, the government is getting bigger.  More taxes, bigger spending, more wars are being planned, and more secrecy.  From the 700 billion dollar bailout to nationalized medicine…from Operation Northwoods and other ones like it, to the CIA’s secret torture labs, freedom is slowly and methodically being washed away.


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