The Middle East, American Interventionism, and Blowback

As the war in the Middle East presses forward the questions about military action are limited.  Should it be 100,000 or 500,000?  Hardly any politician in Washington is asking, “why don’t we bring our troops home?”  Seriously, what would be wrong in bringing them home?  What have we accomplished since invading Afghanistan?

According to the White House and the CIA Osama bin Laden is still out there hiding when he’s not cordial enough to make a cameo appearance.  We’ve been in Afghanistan for, what, eight years, and it’s still chaos?  How many more years do we think that we need to make it to make sure that the Afghani people will have a government that will do right by them?

I hate to quote history but it is history that brought us to this point.  In the 1980’s the United States funded Afghanistan, and the al-Qaeda network got its jump-start by the CIA.  It was the CIA that gave Iraq biological weapons, the same weapons that Hussein used on his own people, and the world along with the United States government sat back and watched.  To me, this is a form of second-hand terrorism.

In the sad history of bad decisions in our foreign policy, do we honestly expect a better outcome when the same steps get repeated?

It was Thomas Kean chairman to the 9/11 Commission that said that Pakistan is the world’s “most dangerous country”.  Why?  Because they are Islamic, they have nuclear weapons, they were a military dictatorship but now unstable, and their intelligence apparatus has ties to terrorism.  I think that in coming years Pakistan could very well become an enemy of the United States.

The basic point is people want to be left alone.  I’m sure that there are people who hate based on the fact of religion, but in the overall picture it’s not like they woke up one day and picked the United States to hate just for the hell of it.  Even the CIA said that 9/11 was a result of blowback; the unintended consequences of our foreign policy.

If you watch The Simpsons Movie Millhouse in a futile effort blows a bubble at the glass dome that surrounds Springfield, it hits the glass, comes back, and pops in his eyes.  Covering his face he says, “Ah, blowback!”  That’s what blowback is, when you do something “out of the goodness of your own heart”, and something bites you in the rear end for it.

On a last note, it is impossible to go to some country, invade them, install a new government, and say,”Okay, you have a government, a constitution, liberty, and we know that this is all new to you but cherish it.”  In reality this sort of reason just doesn’t exist.  Iraq is not a liberated country.  With the ousting of Saddam and the occupation by the United States, the factions of Islam have found new vigor in their civil war.

In coming years Iraq will have to take on certain socialistic roles to keep themselves from falling apart.  Not only do undeclared wars rob the American people of economic stability, national defense, and liberty, but to give of the American people’s hard-earned money to foreign dictators and to nation build just to watch the thing fall apart is deceptive.


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