Toddler dies; moms boyfriend of interest

A Shelbyville, Indiana resident, Ashley Fleener, is living every parents worst nightmare, the death of a child due to shaken baby syndrome.  Police say that Erin Nicole Bagdley had signs of physical injury before her death on Thursday.  Child Protective Services alerted the police when she dropped off at the E.R.

Timothy Reedy, 22-years-old, was watching the child at the time of the incident and is said by police to be a “person of interest”.  Even though the whereabouts of Reedy are unknown, a warrant will be served pending an autopsy investigation.

Fleener’s aunt Melissa Duncan, said that Erin Nicole “had suffered frequent injuries in her short life.”  Doctors have said that the child had suffered multiple concussions.  According to aunt Duncan, Erin was taken to the hospital last week for a ‘fall’.

Reedy was forced to tell police at the hospital that he grew frustrated with the child and shook her.  When he saw that she wasn’t breathing he freaked out and ran her to the hospital.

Being a parent myself my nine month son has endured his fair share of bumps, but he hasn’t ever had to be taken to the hospital.  With the child being taken to the hospital the previous week for an apparent ‘fall’ raises alot of questions in the parenting of both mother and boyfriend.


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