The Government’s Dirty Closet And Operation Northwoods

Posted: November 8, 2009 in News, Random
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Sure it was a plan put into place back in 1962 and never left the ground.  People like John F. Kennedy and other members of the government are dead and gone, so we shouldn’t have anything to worry about right?  Operation Northwoods was a plan to take innocent American lives, hijack American commercial aircraft (sound familiar?), stage terror attacks across the country, plan assassinations, and all of this is made public years after the fact.  Why?  Because everyone involved is dead.

Plans like these shouldn’t leave the American people complacent in the thought that plans die with the times, and government secrecy of then is nothing like today, they don’t and its not, it’s worse.  Below is a video of James Bamford author of Body of Secrets discussing Operation Northwoods, enjoy!


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