Is Matt Damon ‘Anti-American’?

It seems these days Hollywood loves to stir up controversy.  Hell, there’s enough of it on Capitol Hill.  But Matt Damon’s new film coming out March 12, 2010, Green Zone, has some people screaming Anti-American.  With movies like The Valley of Elah and Lions for Lambs and don’t forget Redition, all of which tanked at the box office, maybe with the news and the ‘terror level alerts’ people just might be getting tired of war movies made about a war that is still going on.

With the director of the last two Bourne movies at the seat, Green Zone seems to have the same quality of the Bourne movies.  But the plot of the movie appears to have the same old cliche that we’ve seen a thousand times.  Matt Damon plays Chief Warrant Officer Roy Miller, who amidst faulty and covert intelligence searches for biological weapons, just to find out that it was some big cover-up.  Oh man, blow me away!

But I’ve got to ask this question.  Is being against war un-American?  Since when did the United States deem it right to fight undeclared wars, completely ignoring the Constitution?  Since when did the United States government deem it right to arm a nation one decade, watch them murder their own people, and then two decades later get a conscience?  

I am reminded of the Cuban missile crisis.  At the time the United States was placing nuclear silos and warheads around the world and pointing them at the Soviet Union, Turkey in particular.  It wasn’t until the Soviets placed offensive nuclear missiles in Cuba that forced the U.S. to take a step back.  Historians call Kennedy an apeaser for removing weapons from Turkey but I applaud him for stuffing the pride and the warmongering to save his country so that we could live to fight another day.

I am of the noninterventionist foreign policy and I believe that war should be our last option, and that weapons should never be sold to countries to try to rebuild them in our image, it has never worked out for us.  By some that I know I have been labeled a ‘liberal-conservative’.  That’s funny, I thought that following the Constitution was ‘conservative’.


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