Give me liberty or give me tyranny

I had an interesting conversation with a man last week, and he pointed out to me that everything that the government has run is broke or on the verge of it.  And you know, he is right.  Both social security and medicare are broke, and our government’s interventionist foreign policy has placed our economy in the hands of the Federal Reserve and other banks.  They can cripple our economy overnight.

One of the greatest qoutes of all time was made by Thomas Jefferson, and it’s the tag line for my blog: ‘When people fear the government there is tyranny, when the government fear the people there is liberty.’  Here is a man who knows a thing or two about tyranny and oppression.  A man who writes an anti-government quote that has lived down through the years, only to become the third president of the United States.  Remarkable.

I use the line ‘give me liberty or give me tyranny’ for a number of reasons, and I will get into those in just a minute.  But if you look through my blog you will notice that I like Ron Paul and his ideals; the Constitution, personal and civil liberties, smaller government, etc.  And I believe that the government has a certain plan of secrecy that they don’t want you or I to know about. 

I’ve heard this alot, “Well, the government needs to keep somethings secret.”  Genuis, by keeping things secret the government is able to circumvent the regular course of government, thereby having the power to break every single right that we have.  It’s not based on whether you yourself are a threat to the United States, it all has to do with principle of the issue.  You can’t pick and choose what rights you want and don’t want.  How would you like to not have the freedom of speech or religion?  How would you like to get tried twice for the same crime?

Domestic eavesdropping is very real and it was happening clear back with the Clinton administration.  Government secret plans are very real; Operation Northwoods, REX 84 and the Garden Plot, biological weapons funding and testing, etc.

Operation Northwoods was a plan cooked up by the CIA and the Joint Chiefs of Staff in 1962, and the plan detailed a ‘false flag’ terror campaign ran by the CIA with men posing as Fidel Castro sympathizers.  Upon seeing the plan, President Kennedy fired General Lemmninzer.  The plan was never shredded, it was never destroyed, it was just tucked away in a filing cabinet for future use.

Rex 84 and the Garden Plot calls for martial law and the suspension of the Constitution, and the mass movement of civilian populations.  It would be interesting to note that one of Rex 84’s organizers is Foxnews’ War Stories correspondent Oliver North. 

The biological weapon issue is a whole other story, I’ve got a book at home on this issue.  But all I will say at this time is that from the beginning of the CIA, there has been interest in the private, university, and government sector to create and sythesize biological weapons.  The reason why we know Saddam Hussein had his was because we sent them to him.

People undervalue the importance of their rights, especially alot of Christians.  True the Bible says to obey the laws of man, but how else are we supposed to serve God if not in a free society?  Think of it this way, if you at anytime catch yourself of living in fear of the government, that is tyranny, not liberty.  We the People are the United States of America.  As for those of you who think there is absolutely nothing wrong with the way the federal government runs things, well, obviously there is because at least half of the Union are filing for their states rights, and for the first time since the Civil War there is talk of secession.


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