Jew Larry David urinates on painting of Jesus Christ

Stand up comedian, actor, producer, and writer Larry David finds himself under fire now from critics for urinating on a painting of Jesus Christ.  Larry David has been very successful throughout his career, namely Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm, and did I mention he’s Jewish?  Now I don’t mean to sound like an anti-Semitism, I am not, but it is no secret to the world that Jews are not on Jesus’ fan club.  They didn’t belive in Jesus when he walked the earth, and they don’t now.

But what the script called for on Curb was for Larry David’s character to urinate on a picture of Jesus, just to make a woman believe that he was crying.  I find nothing laughable in this, and neither does Deal Hudson, author and publisher of  Jesus says throughout the bible that “the nations will hate you because of me”, and down through the years, Jesus has been the butt of everyone’s jokes.  Shows like Southpark, movies, and comedians can make fun of Jesus and it gets passed off as First Amendment rights, but the first moment that someone cracks a Jew joke, we’re anti-Semitic.

Deal Hudson told Fox news, “I don’t think its funny.  Why is it that people are allowed to publicly show that level of disrespect for Christian symbols?  If the same thing was done to any other symbol of religions–Jewish or Muslim– there’d be a huge outcry.  It’s simply not a level playing field.”

Well, here’s the deal, Deal, people like to make fun of Christianity and hide behind the First Amendment,  but the first time someone makes a wise crack or pokes a joke at a Jew, oh man, we must beg their forgiveness and go on television and tell the world how terrible of a human being we are.

Not only did Jesus die to take all our sins and problems on him, but it also seems he inadvertently took all the world’s jokes too.


4 thoughts on “Jew Larry David urinates on painting of Jesus Christ

  1. maelan

    thank you for this article we as christians must stay strong but the sad thing is many Catholics and Christians watch these television shows and films and laugh along as if it is alright. The first thing we should do is make sure everyone knows how these people attack our religion and this article helps.

    1. It would appear so, but that doesn’t make his comments anymore or less true. I admit that they could’ve chosen someone better to get commentary from. But the ultimate issue is the forgiving and saving power of Jesus Christ.

      One needs to ask the question – why does a being who taught forgiveness, love, and faith take so much ridecule from his own people? He is King of the Jews afterall.

      I don’t know. But maybe Larry David wasn’t brave enough to piss on a Koran.

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