White House to keep Obama’s ‘Czars’ from testfying before Congress

According to Sen. Suan Collins (R-Maine), White House Counsel Greg Craig has indicated that he will not allow any of Obama’s eighteen new ‘czars’ to be questioned by Congress.  Craig, who had sent a letter on behalf of the president, had told Collins personally that Congress would not get the chance to question any of the cabinet heads about their roles and repsonsibilities.

In her opening statement Collins said, “the White House would prohibit any of these officials with significant policy responsibility from coming to testify.”  These confirmations of Collins were made clear by White House Counsel Greg Craig.


Presidents sidestepping Congress is not a ‘new thing’.  Republicans and Democrats alike have found ways to avoid Congress and keep their secret plans or agendas from the public light.  In his campaign Obama slogan was “Change we can believe in” and “Yes we can”, but I think that it is apparent to the free thinking person and anyone who doesn’t have their head in the sand that Obama is bringing more of the same: more taxes, more government, more international intervention, and more secrecy.


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