Stay retired Garth Brooks

I realize that I maybe the only one in the whole wide world thinking this, but Garth Brooks needs to stay retired.  Who cares if he’s sold millions of albums and holds records, but who can really stay a fan of someone that retires, comes back, retires, just to come back again.  I would get tired of it.

Now I realize to Garth Brooks fans out there that he broke their hearts to spend more time with his family, which is commendable.  But take a look at country music singers like Travis Tritt, Tim Mcgraw and Faith Hill, and many others who have families, they don’t retire just to play with their fans heartstrings by not being able to make up their minds. 

You can say he does it because he misses the road, the music, or the fans, but the truth is, Garth Brooks is afraid of competition.  He’s afraid of being forgotten.  With the rising popularity of so many country music singers, one person in particular, George Strait, who needs Garth when they could have George?  George is a better singer, a better entertainer, and Garth only gives to charity when the cameras are on and the lights are flashing.  Seriously, I don’t want to go to some concert and constantly have to worry about whip lash because the singer cannot stay at the front of the stage.  And I really don’t want to take the time to listen to words through heavy breathing because he ran himself breathless.

The indecison of Garth Brooks is getting about as old as the indecisiveness of Michael Jordan or Brett Favre.  Make up your mind!


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