Two Sides of Ann Coulter-With Brain/Without

Like I’ve said before, anyone who follows politics has that one propagandist that they cannot stand.  And as for me, that would be Ann Coulter.  Not becuse I think that she is wrong all the time, no, she has a way to spew words that make no sense at a time when her intelligence could really come in handy.

The following video is of her debating Bill O’Rielly on the Obamacare plan and free enterprise, most of which I agree with: competition, self reliance.  But you know its easy for these two to say something like that when they make millions.  If you want to get to the bottom of the welfare state, look at the Federal Reserve, they’re the ones raping our economic system and destroying our dollar.  But anyway, here you go.

But like I said, just when she says something that I agree with, she spews words that makes no sense in a time when her intelligence could come in handy.  There’s a time and place for everything, and Ann just doesn’t get it.  The next clip is of her on Foxnews talking of the ‘liberizing’ of our public schools, and in the midst of making a good arguement, she uses the word “pussy”.  To my mind the words ‘wrong’ or ‘immoral’, even ‘unconstitutional’ comes to the forefront, but like I said, there’s a time and place for everything, and this just wasn’t one of them.


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