A Department of Peace?

It has come to my attention in the last few days that there those in this country, while riding in the wake of President Barack Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize victory, would like him to start a Department of Peace.  Really?  Do we want bigger government, more beurocracy?  Because that is just what will happen.  I have some points I’d like to discuss: 1. Barack Obama did not deserve that Nobel Prize.  2. People are in love with Barack Obama’s skin color.  That’s not racist, its true.  America lived in dream land for a couple of months, now its time to return to reality.  3. For this administration to create a Department of Peace while hanging onto its current foreign policy, will be counterproductive.  4. If this plan is implemented domestically, I fear that the loss of liberty will be staggering.

1.  I say that President Barack Obama did not deserve the Nobel Peace Prize for several reasons, for one, when he got into office he had a short amount of time fill out the application (twelve days I think).  Secondly, at the time he filled out the application, the goals of his administration were still sketchy.  And thirdly, like all president’s before him, he follows an interventionist foreign policy, which I believe to unconstitutional, and immoral.

2.  People are in love with Barack Obama’s race, not his politics.  I hate to say it in this country, because I didn’t like either canidate, in fact I voted third party, but people actually voted for Barack Obama because he is black.  And who could blame them?  We were coming out of an administration that was proven to have lied to the American public and the world for that matter, not just about 9/11, but the Iraq conflict.  Hussein had no nucs, no connection to al Qaeda, he didn’t even have the military to withstand a ten day campaign, and here we were told that he was going to bring about the next apocalypse.

So who could blame them?  The fact is this, the Obama administration is the Bush administration on steroids.  Bigger government, more taxes, and more wars.  I highly doubt that anyone notices that Obama plans to put more troops in Afghanistan, or plans to widen the scope of government, or the fact that in the next coming weeks, there will be a U.N. summit on global warming to create a ‘global government’, and Barack Obama plans to sign on.  Love is blind.

3.  John F. Kennedy created the Peace Corps. to do what these disallusioned people ‘want’ to do, spread peace.  In fact, President Kennedy talked the talk and walked the walk.  It’s no secret that he planned to end Vietnam and stop the Cold War to avert nuclear annihlation, but alas, it was not meant to be.

Just a thought, what kind of authority would this program have abroad anyway?  What would they do?  Go into some war ridden country, controlled by a warlord or dictator, which by the way we probably prop up by foreign aid, find that under the current circumstances that peace is just not possible, so BRING IN THE MILITARY!  The government likes to talk the talk of a humble foreign policy, but what it really wants, is war.

4.  Anytime we have government growing bigger, the loss of liberty is always the first victim.  I read on someone’s blog that the goal of this group is to create new policies and allocate resources to deterring gang violence and domestic violence (child abuse).  Now I am not one who is for ‘gangs’, I think that they are dumb, but everyones got to belong to something, or the abuse of a child.  But how do they plan to do something like this?  What, create outreach programs that would inevitably cost the taxpayer more and throw our country into deeper debt.  Or maybe putting National Guardsmen on the streets would stem the slaughter, maybe Obama’s own private army, which he has spoke of so well.

Contrary to popular belief, not every child is abused.  I am for anyone who wants to get children out of dangerous situations, but how would this impact those of us who, don’t like, but feel that it is vital to the raising of a child that they be disciplined when they need it?  People already live in fear that if they lay one hand on their child’s rear end Big Brother will take them away.  Proverbs says, “Don’t be afraid to spank your children, it won’t kill them.”

And what about “other forms of social discord”?  The thing with ‘Big Government’ people and the government itself, is that when they want to pass something that they really, really want, they will be as vague as they can be, so when everything hits the fan and scatters, they can whatever they want.  If this actually becomes its own ‘Department’, nothing good will come of it.


One thought on “A Department of Peace?

  1. I would suggest you read the current Department of Peace legislation (H.R. 808) at thomas.loc.gov before you comment further on the idea. Investment in a Department of Peace will eventually result in smaller government as they resolve the root causes of violence, which will result more peaceful communities, which will result if less need for prisons, police, military, etc. Money spent on keeping youth out of gangs is money saved by not having to hunt them down, prosecute them, and keep them in prison. And, they become tax payers!

    The idea for a Department of Peace is as old as the USA, not something that came about just because Obama was elected or received a prize. The current bill was introduced into the House February, 2008.

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