Redskins cheerleader permanately disabled by seasonal flu shot

Posted: October 19, 2009 in News
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You wouldn’t think that a seasonal flu shot would cause permanent nerve damage, but in rare cases, something like this happens.  Desiree Jennings, a Redskins cheerleader and avid runner, recieved a flu shot.  Ten days later she came down with the flu, and now has permanent nerve damage.

Even though doctors and the FDA, and CDC say that nothing was wrong with the vaccine, Desiree suffers from a rare disease, dystonia.  I think that a incident like this will cause people to stray from getting the flu shot, namely me.  Less than a handful of times have I gotten the flu shot, and this reaffirms belief that I’m not going to start now.

  1. becky says:

    there is no way this is real…this is a hoax im sorryy..but i laugh at this not at how she is now disabled just at how there is no way in the world this is tru

    • waylon1776 says:

      If there is such a hoax, I cannot find one. And anyway, have you seen some of the side effects to prescription drugs? Possible heart attack or stroke? I think I’ll stick with itchy watery eyes. Take a look at this clip from Fox news.

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