Ann Coulter has no idea of the elitist agenda

Every person who follows politics has that one propagandist that they love, and the one that they hate.  And as for me, that one propagandist that I cannot stand, is the one, the only: Ann Coulter.  I can’t say that I hate Ann Coulter, because I don’t, to ‘hate’ one must have the desire to committ murder, and I don’t.

Ann Coulter’s inability to keep her mouth shut when she has nothing else to say is mind boggeling.  I mean “Timothy McVeigh should’ve bombed the New York Times building”?  If I said something like that I would get investigated.  What about her personal attacks on people’s appearance: Hillary Clinton’s chubby legs, Monica Lewinsky’s chubbyness, or making crude comments on Elizabeth Edwards dead son.  If Ann Coulter was the christian that she says she is, she should read the passages about slander.

It’s interesting to note that Ann can slam everyone on everything, but don’t dare disagree with her on anything.  It might make that Adam’s apple of hers bulge out more.  Ann Coulter’s gross misunderstanding of christianity is so outlandish, I don’t think she can even name the four gospels.

One of her classic quotes I love is “we should go into countries, kill their leaders, and convert them to christianity” (sorry if I misquoted a word or two).  But nowhere in the bible does Jesus say, “spread my word, and oh by the way, use an M-16 first.”  Ann Coulter and her disciple of followers  are so confident and comfortable in saying things like this because, oh yeah, they sit safely at home, thousands of miles from the fighting. 

The fact that Ann Coulter continually blames the left, or liberal side, while turning a blind eye to the republican party, is most disturbing.  I know that in the past she has “criticized” members of the republican party, but who gets all the blame: the liberals.  I am not saying that I entirely disagree with her on every subject, but I don’t really care for arrogant people.  And I am not about to waste my money on one of her books.  Here’s an idea for Ann, read the bible and write a book about it.  Oh, by the way, no ‘liberal bashing’.

One of Ann Coulter’s major short comings is her misunderstanding of the globalist agenda, and her blatant refusal that the republicans are somehow involved.  Watch the following video and you will see what I mean when I say, “she has no idea of what she is talking about when it comes to the globalist agend.”  Also, try to focus on her eyes, not her Adam’s apple. 

Sorry, I know that I said there was a video, but as you can see it has been pulled from my blog and You Tube as well.  Don’t worry, you’re not missing much.  Just the usual Anne Coulter liberal hate bashing.

Okay, just for the record, because President Obama went to Martha’s Vineyard to meet with Democratic leaders and George Bush frequented his ranch to chop down trees and cut brush, Obama is an ‘elitist’, and George W. Bush is a ‘real American’.  I mean seriously, is this all she can come up with?  President Obama is not the only president to go to Martha’s Vineyard.

If Ann Coulter really wanted to look at ‘elitist’ organizations, she should look at the Council on Foreign Relations, which I have said on here before have confessed that they seek an international community, and also, they served in the cabinets of presidents both democrat and republican.  She should also look at the Bildeberg group.  They meet in secret in various parts of the world once a year, and their membership ranges from world leaders (Presidents Reagan, both Bushes, Clinton, and leaders from around the world have frequented these meetings), persons in finance and intelligence have attended, but the republicans are not elitits.

Ann Coulter can rage against liberals about secrecy, but nowhere in her books will she ever mention the Bush family legacy being involved in the occultic Skull and Bones, which some believe are todays connection to the elusive Illuminati, but George W. Bush is not an elitist.  In fact, no one in the Bush family has denied their membership, but none of them will talk of it.  In his memiors, George Bush Sr. wrote, “During my senior year at Yale, I was a member of the Skull and Bones, a secret society so secret, I can’t say anything more”, but the Bush family are not elitists.  Also, I should mention that the Skull and Bones are believed to hand their hands in every facet of the federal government, but the Skull and Bones are not elitists.

As for Wall Street, Ann Coulter should empty the air from her head and research the Federal Reserve, which I adamantly oppose.  The Federal Reserve are a cabal of bankers, entrusted to bankers to meet the needs of their fellow bankers.  As for the statement ”country wide loans”, George W. Bush did his fair share of “country wide loans”.

In the future Ann Coulter should do this, before she opens her to say something that will eventually turn out to be ‘unintelligent’, she should do more research.  But undoubtedly she will continue to ’stir the pot’ and spew words that make absolutely no sence.


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