Seperation of Church and State

I just got done reading Mike Huckabee’s blog and his rant on how ‘liberals’ have destroyed this country, note these posts were made over two years ago, so he’s probably forotten about the whole thing.  But his premise in his first post of which I am going to discuss, is the seperation of church and state.

Now in his post he says that niether the Declaration of Independence the Constitution, or any other document mentions ‘seperatio of church and state’, which is true.  But what Mike Huckabee should also know is that the first amendment to the Constitution states that “the government shall not make any law respecting any religion, or the free excercise thereof.”  This was not put into place be a ‘threat’ to christianity, but a protector. 

So, what does the first amendment mean?  It means that no matter what the crisis, or political climate, the government CANNOT STOP you from practicing your faith.  You can go through town square, hand out bibles and shout, “repent the kingdom is near!”  And the guv’ment cannot stop you. 

So with Everson v. Board of education, did the Supreme Court actually have a legitimate case, maybe.  But think of it this way, with the passage of that case, no other religion can be state, local, or federally sanctioned, protecting christianity right there.  With Huckabee being a baptist minister, he should know that the bible calls the people “the body of Christ”. 

A man by the name Judge Learned Hand (if I am recalling that correctly), once said, “if liberty dies, no court, no law in the land can bring it back” (pardon me if I quoted wrong).  But the basic principle of that is, people have the liberty to practice religion, but don’t.  How many people can say they go around knocking on doors and handing out bibles?  ‘Churches’ would be more content competeing as opposed to going out and “spreading gospel”.

Now I know the conservative hordes from now to the 2012 election, and even until doomsday, will beat the drum of how ‘liberals’ have destroyed this country by taking out christianity, but let’s face it, alot of the principles that christianity is based upon we still have in our laws today.  Huckabee mentions in his blog that the state wants to take God out of our pledge, money, and even Christmas.  Okay, under the first amendment, could all of these be illigal?  Possibly.  But lets look at this clearly, a nation’s moral character is not built on it’s laws regarding God, but our desire to draw nearer to him.  And until this country feels the need to draw closer to Him, the pledge, money, and even christmas, has no value and no meaning.

And since we’re on those topics, let’s discuss them: The pledge, I like the pledge, so onto the next one.  Money.  Have you looked at the back of your one dollar bill lately?  The unfinished pyramid is Egyptian and pagan.  The all seeing eye is Masonic (not christian), so until those are removed, I don’t care.  And as for Christmas, it’s not even christian.  Even christians don’t make it christian.  Christ has been taken completely out of the picture, but that’s all the liberals fault.

Like I said earlier, christianity is powered by God, Christ, and the people (the church), not by laws.  I’d like to see where God says, “put my name on your currency, and name holidays after me.”  The fact is, he doesn’t.  Money was done by the Federal Reserve, and Christmas was a Catholic vision.  Since we’re on the subject of a ‘christian nation’, look at Washington D.C., the streets are riddled with Masonic symbolism, and there’s a broken pentagram in the layout.  The Washington Monument is an Egyptian pagan symbol to the sun god Ra, built for our first president, a Freemason.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, a nation’s course with God is decided on their desire to draw closer to him, not by laws.


One thought on “Seperation of Church and State

  1. The Glenn Beck Review

    Love that Hitler quote. I have a post up today about James Madison’s views about the separation of church and state that you might enjoy.

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