HR 8791 a hoax…

Yesturday I posted a video on my blog of representative John Haller, who doesn’t exist, introducing a bill into congress, which doesn’t exist, that goes against everything that this country stands for.  I said yesturday that I counted eighteen times that he said the word “classified”, whwther a bill like this could ever reach the voting floor of congress, I don’t know.  However, my opinion stands that any representative in congress votes for a bill like this is not worth their seat.

Although, I’ve had this revelation only recently, it does not change my opinion of our government and the actions that they undertake.  Even though this bill is a fake, a person doesn’t have to look far for reality (REX 84 and the Garden Plot).  I have learned a valuable lesson in that in the future I will do better research before rushing to such judgement.


One thought on “HR 8791 a hoax…

  1. There are those that know a greater Truth, but decline to declare, for the greater gain of those that believe themselves to be more deserving. The progress of Mankind is at a controlled crawl. Secercy stagnates any unified effort. Were being misled.

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