Teen crossdresser asked to dress more manly…

Jonathan Escobar of North Cobb High school in Kennesaw, Ga. feels the need to dress in outrageous outifits, why, because of his first amendment right to free speech and freedom of expression.  North Cobb high school officials disagree citing Jonathan’s outlandish outfits as something that may make a “contribution to a disruption of school functions.”

John’s attire has caused other students to threaten him, and even the assistant principal blamed a fight on his choice of dressing.  Meanwhile, students have started a support group called “Support Jonathan”, and has gone to the extent of printing printing bright pink t-shirts with the logo on the front.

Escobar sees no problem with his attire and simply states that, “if I can’t express myself, I won’t go to school.”

I have no problem with what someone wears, that’s them, but I can remember clear back in high school (which was only six years ago) some students couldn’t pass through a metal detector.  I can sympathize with both sides, but at the same time, students go there to work to get good an education, so maybe Escobar should dress appropriately.  If a student’s attire is that big of a destraction, go to school uniforms. 


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